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Looking for an Ideal Shipping Container Calculator

If you have a business, you must be handling a lot of cargo. Hence, you need an ideal shipping container calculator. In this age of technology, you do not have to spend a lot of time analyzing the value and load of your cargo. With the use of a calculator, you can immediately arrive at the best estimates. What your people will do is just load the cargo in a few minutes and send the products to your clients without waiting for hours and days. If you heard of Cargo Wiz, you better visit their official website to see what more they can offer.

As you browse the site, you will see a sampling calculation of the load plan savings calculator. In fact, you can set the approximate number of your annual shipments. You can immediately determine the freight bill cost for a certain shipment. You can also calculate the labor rate per hour for planning and even cargo loading. Aside from getting computation of the labor rate, you will also know the number of man-hours that are required for the actual planning and loading. In other words, you can already calculate the annual savings.

You can also use the container loading calculator even if you have multiple shipping containers, trucks, and pallets. If you want to adjust order quantities immediately, your customers can also benefit from the loading calculators. You will not have a hard time thinking about how many boxes you need to fit for a truck or shipping container. None of your cargo will also be left on the doc because you have already an idea of what will fit and how to load things in advance. You will appreciate the device because it helps a lot of manufacturers already. You may even desire to read some testimonials.

As you wait for your container calculator, you must have thought of its features. Its editor must have a powerful drag and drop. If you also want to uninstall the program and install it on the new personal computer, you will never encounter difficulties. Aside from that, you will also receive ongoing support from the provider. They will not even charge you in the future as it is part of their commitment to you. Improving weight distribution will no longer be an issue for you because of the “Spread My Cargo” button. If you also want to benefit from the 30-day trial, they will provide you a full-featured software. You will also find it easy to import the data.

Overall, you will never have issues with manufacturing and warehousing because of the container calculator. You need to communicate with the company as their customer service representatives are very much willing to assist you whenever you need their help. You can even recommend the said device to other freight and logistic providers. Import and export will never be very difficult this time because you can save quite a several days in your distribution of products. You better download their pdf file showing the benefits of the calculator solution to convince your business partners about its advantages.

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